IT support and artists are quite different things. An IT support is someone who provides hardware or software support to IT staffs and performs other duties in the IT industry. There are several companies in which an IT support is a separate department altogether. The main duty of an managed IT support is to provide help to PC users, laptop users, servers, networks, and any user having problems with the PCs or laptops. The prime aim of this support is to assist in solving the problems that one may face and to develop further skills in the IT industry.

IT support and artist work hand in hand.

When one has a problem with his computer then the only person who can help him out is the technician. The only way to get to know the expertise and knowledge of the computer repair technician is by asking him over the phone or by taking up online IT support classes. This will give one enough information about the IT support company. This knowledge of the support company will enable one to evaluate the competence of the technicians working with them.

The technician may be a qualified professional or he may be an IT support and artist who has been trained on the job. Sometimes one may find technicians who have no computer experience whatsoever. Such people should be avoided since they will be more trouble than they are worth. On the other hand it is not rare to find computer support technicians who are veterans with years of service behind them. Such people are worth taking a look at since their experience will help them to solve problems easily.

Computer support technicians usually work alone so the artist may have a little more freedom. One is at liberty to call him by his real name instead of using the generic name for computer support. In other words, one can ask him to explain the problem in more details. Answering clearly will help one to understand the problem better and will enable the technician to give the appropriate computer repair.

It is advisable that IT support and artist be friendly

when dealing with each other. This is especially important if the technician is also an artist. Even though IT support and artist have different roles, they should be able to work together in a friendly manner. They should be willing to communicate with each other on a regular basis. Even though technical issues cannot be avoided they can be solved effectively through regular communication.

  • As the relationship between the computer support technician and the art technician develops the two will begin to understand each other.
  • They will become a team and be able to work effectively as a team.
  • More importantly they will develop good communication skills which will benefit them both.

They will also understand the importance of customer service and will be happy to provide this to their clients. This is what makes IT support and artist great team players.

IT support and artist may not have much of a social life yet. However, they need to start interacting socially and get involved in community events. This will improve their outlook on life. They need to understand that a positive attitude is one of the key ingredients to achieving success in the IT support and artist career.

IT support and artists need to understand that having a computer support package does not mean that they need to be quiet. The artist can be quite vocal and be quite convincing in asking questions. The IT technician needs to be patient and listen carefully to address all the issues. Both have a role to play in providing computer services. They need to be aware that there is no magic wand that can fix all the problems but it is up to the two to resolve the issues together.